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A book by Virginia Stake - "In the Blink of God's Eye: Two Love Stories in the Shadow of War"

     "In the Blink of God's Eye: Two Love Stories in the Shadow of War" is a wonderful story of two women who fall in love.  One resides in Gettysburg in the 21st century, and one is part of the 19th century during the Civil War.  She lives in Chambersburg but visits Jennie Wade during the Battle of Gettysburg and also returns to that town in November in order to hear Lincoln deliver his "Gettysburg Address."  Her name is Catherine Randall, and Catherine's great, great grandaughter is named Shelly Marie Eyer Palmer.  It is Shelly who is a widow and who 

is grieving the death of her husband. She does not want to attend her 30th high school class reunion. That event will be held in the ballroom of the Gettysburg Hotel on the Square in August of 2013, which is almost exactly 150 years after the Battle of Gettysburg occurred.  

   Prior to the reunion, Shelly and her friend, Annie, are enjoying lunch at the Farnsworth House on Baltimore Street and converse about many topics, one of which is the upcoming reunion.  Shelly is adamant about not attending the event.  She has already told her friend in an earlier conversation that she has no interest in the affair.  "You will come with Frank and me," her friend had said.  "And be a third wheel.  I don't think so,"  Shelly had retorted.  "Don't you hound me about my decision."  And that should have ended the conversation ... except that Annie was quite clever in bringing up the topic a little later.  It was at that time when Shelly felt she had to agree to attend the reunion with Dr. Robert Franklin, a former sweetheart whom she has not seen for over twenty-three years.  Once she and the doctor get reacquainted and enjoy seeing one another again,  Shelly and Bobby tour the Battlefield and take a trip "over the mountain" to visit Chambersburg, the only Northern town to be burned during the Civil War. 

    Shelly teaches history at the Gettysburg College, and her specialty is the Civil War.  For this reason, she and Robert and his son, Raymond, eventully retrace the steps of Lincoln when he came to Gettysburg in 1863.  They, just as Lincoln had done, arrive by train, go to the Wills House on the Square where Lincoln stayed, and eventully travel to the National Memorial Cemetery where the President had given his 

speech. Their journey, however, was 150 years later ... just a blink of God's Eye, so to speak.  For years pass, people come and go, and the history of human kind continues to unfold.

To learn more, read the book yourself or get the audio version of the book on CD as read by the author.  Virginia's website, which you have already discovered, is  Or E-mail her at